Shadow and Bone is pretty great...
How I animate my videos
Bridgerton is kinda dumb...
Alex Meyers funniest moments 2020
The Hunger Games is kinda dumb
friendship is hard
4 muaj më parë
Shake It Up was a weird show...
After 2 is hilariously dumb...
Big Time Rush was a weird show...
6 muaj më parë
Teen Wolf was kinda dumb...
b_flameZ 21 orë më parë
High school musical the musical wants to be Andy Mack so bad
triggywinkle 21 orë më parë
I never saw this series, never knew that the Jonas brothers started out from, it feels to notice that 8 years before this aired, Priyanka Chopra was already crowned miss world and Nick was just an 8 year old kid 😂
Lightning Joseph
Lightning Joseph 21 orë më parë
Mean Girls is a classic and unique it can't be repeated ever at this point.
Mars El
Mars El 21 orë më parë
8:46 "All those typical boyfriend lies!" 😂😂
janel 21 orë më parë
In all honesty tho, this show is so great!!!!!!!!!!!
aueng16 21 orë më parë
I think you need to the all book and all the 7 part😅 4:53 lucky charm in miraculous?😅🤣
aueng16 22 orë më parë
I think this is fun,i was watching this like for a month wanting season2 and know it will be in this year or maybe next.😅🤣 But i feel like winx is for 4-5 years old (even my mom hate this cartoon🤣) but the word they use and how drunk they are 😑😭 it like no no no kid cant watch this any more but im thai people so i open the thai language😅🤣 but still it not ok😭😭😭 But im remember first part they said about harry potter and how they sort house in pottermore or widzardingworld🤣
Eleah 22 orë më parë
The cut before: shes really good. Triggered meeee hahaha
Александър Петров
Александър Петров 22 orë më parë
"Shut up you're not my real dad" 😂😂
Kacychases You
Kacychases You 22 orë më parë
I think it's seriously a good show. It subverts expectations a lot
Dr. Vynce
Dr. Vynce 22 orë më parë
am i the only person that lost it when he hit the wrong button?????🤣🤣🤣
Jayda Kopua
Jayda Kopua 22 orë më parë
The way ginny treats Georgia physically hurts me but I understand why she acts the way she does towards her. Ginnys jealous of georgia because georgia is everything ginny wants/struggles to be. Confident, Popular and White. Even Ginny's friends shift all the attention to georgia when shes around and shower her with compliments and attention. Max constantly praises Georgia for being a "badass milf" and ginny clearly feels uncomfortable with/ threatened by it. Ginny struggles with finding friends who actually like and accept her for who she is and dealing with her sudden "new kid" popularity/ lack there of. She greatly despises that shes mixed, therefore feels as though she doesn't fit in anywhere and makes a point of feeling racially targeted and underestimated in the classroom for not being "one of the white kids". Georgia is seen by everyone as almost perfect. Because of all that jealousy and feeling lied to by georgia the entire series and almost all her life she develops a huge resentment towards her that most of the time, georgia doesn't deserve. Ginny doesn't treat her with the respect she should as her mother and a person who cares for her (as well as her friends and literally anyone she comes in contact with), but she has alot of shit to deal with. I dont like how she treats the other characters but she's a complex one herself I suppose. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.....I think? :D edit: I re-read this and I literally just said everything and nothing at the same time so to whoever actually reads this I apologize for wasting your time-
Sarah Courtney
Sarah Courtney 22 orë më parë
why did the parody of all emo songs kinda hit? now im not saying tis like good or anything but i would listen again.
Sean Ranger
Sean Ranger 23 orë më parë
The answer to this is JAMAL 😂
CHAOS 23 orë më parë
damn, this deep im out before i have an existensial crisis or some shit
Baobai Vue
Baobai Vue 23 orë më parë
I love chris stuckman lol
J.j Tv
J.j Tv 23 orë më parë
Not gon lie I didn’t really care for this show for some reason?
Murray 23 orë më parë
"me and sonic and all are baby's"😂😂😂😂😂
Critical Impact Gaming
Critical Impact Gaming Ditë më parë
@10:15 did the audio get cut for copyright?
ShadowRiver Ditë më parë
you should do Love and Monsters !!!
cutoverspice Ditë më parë
do henry danger
cutoverspice Ditë më parë
do henry danger
Aaron Wilson
Aaron Wilson Ditë më parë
This is the best show Nick has ever made next to Spongebob
Ghostly Tea
Ghostly Tea Ditë më parë
"Ravenclaw for the emo goths" as a ravenclaw I have never heard something more accurate
Talia Ditë më parë
Will there be seb
Aisha Awale
Aisha Awale Ditë më parë
Just read the book y'all....sheeesh
Hi It’s Me
Hi It’s Me Ditë më parë
Ok but I’m just saying that on line where Simon was asking Daphne if he should marry Anthony is just a little sus-like you could watch the whole thing as if it’s a jilted lover who appears to be on friendly terms with his ex lover and desperately trying to forget him through others and yk what just don’t mind me here-
Heaven Green
Heaven Green Ditë më parë
I’m just so mad they cancelled it RIGHT as they were going to get together🤦🏾‍♀️
Vishnu Chinni
Vishnu Chinni Ditë më parë
Can you do schitt’s creek!!!
Des Des
Des Des Ditë më parë
Supernatural: a himbo and an addict fight everything--including their inner demons and each other.
ThatOneHuman Ditë më parë
Honestly I remember watching the first one back in 2015. In now 13 and still watching these movies. Like while I’m typing this I’m watching Descendants....yeah fun times
Paninii Ditë më parë
Boi I used to have the biggest crush on Derek. Now I want him to get his shit kicked in👍
Nicole Nicole
Nicole Nicole Ditë më parë
Did she say Ackerman
Diana Johnson
Diana Johnson Ditë më parë
Can u do diary of a wimpy kid pls
Liliana Chavero
Liliana Chavero Ditë më parë
Iowa is the worst!
Liliana Chavero
Liliana Chavero Ditë më parë
They should’ve used Selena as the princess
sarah imran
sarah imran Ditë më parë
My favorite part of the MOVIE was the end and my favorite part of the VIDEO was the emo song it deserves an award
Subject OR36942
Subject OR36942 Ditë më parë
Alex meyers do a video on DUNE DUNE IT UP
Amrit Senapati
Amrit Senapati Ditë më parë
you all haters are dicks!!!
Marvel Beyblade
Marvel Beyblade Ditë më parë
Do one on Avatar the Last Airbender
That_One_Thing_That_Drawz Ditë më parë
When you see your name but it's mispronounced and now you can't get it out of your head:
Brenda Cervantes
Brenda Cervantes Ditë më parë
They could use better lining instead the cleche they keep recycling
Crimson Mari
Crimson Mari Ditë më parë
This girl legit just thinks she's suffering more then WW2 survivors because she's like 6'1 Welp I'm 6'1 and we titans don't struggle- like we barely get called out.
Rita Ezeodili
Rita Ezeodili Ditë më parë
Now I know what 60% wattpad romance books will look like...urggh! I'm so glad I've grown, can't believe I once found this type of thing sexy.
Brenda Cervantes
Brenda Cervantes Ditë më parë
And the voice tone doesn’t really fit in what the founder would do.
Casey Jones
Casey Jones Ditë më parë
wait im named casey
Brenda Cervantes
Brenda Cervantes Ditë më parë
Yeah this wouldn’t be called descendants if they are the first generation of the pro-happy ending
Brenda Cervantes
Brenda Cervantes Ditë më parë
You’d think that this version of Hades would give the middle finger just to give something more than pg 13 here.