Big Time Rush was a weird show...

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Alex Meyers

6 muaj më parë
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Sunny Chilambi
Sunny Chilambi Ditë më parë
Not me being 12 and enjoying the FRICK out of this show.
Rusty Gunther
Rusty Gunther Ditë më parë
is anyone else sad that he didn't do the vine
vvndv 3 ditë më parë
moraa. 4 ditë më parë
boyfriend was and still is a banger
Bennett Slavin
Bennett Slavin 6 ditë më parë
How do you skip the turd song twice
Bennett Slavin
Bennett Slavin 6 ditë më parë
All of you are dumb and wrong there best song by far is the turd song
SANTE 6 ditë më parë
:Stinging terrible :pulls out rocket launcher
Ricardo da Silva
Ricardo da Silva 6 ditë më parë
1:44 “So what we learn is that in Minnesota, of all places, there’s gonna be an audition to find the next big pop star, so naturally our four dudes rush over as fast as they can.” Yeah, Alex. I live in Minnesota and I have to say that that’s completely unrealistic.
Leandra Williams
Leandra Williams 7 ditë më parë
Sir 200 levels na i am be in the bathroom for like 10 years for that one level i can t beat
lime 8 ditë më parë
Didn't Big Time Rush promise to come back last year? What happened with that?
lime 6 ditë më parë
@Peter Siler Yeah they made an announcement on Twitter or something
Peter Siler
Peter Siler 6 ditë më parë
did they
lime 8 ditë më parë
You are beautiful, Alex.
sky1x_ 8 ditë më parë
Just finished watching the series yesterday actually, but fan or not I enjoyed the show in its entirety and the songs they made are 👌🏽
Chel Sea
Chel Sea 10 ditë më parë
“Famouthh” 😭😭😂😂 I can’t
Sage Bates
Sage Bates 10 ditë më parë
i dont like you cuz u said btr is weird i am unsubing
GOLD 11 ditë më parë
This dudes purpose is just to roast peoples hobbies
box with Mario plush in it
box with Mario plush in it 11 ditë më parë
They had the weirdest crossover with patchy from spongebob
Isabel Eagleton
Isabel Eagleton 12 ditë më parë
“12yr old girls watch this” me watching this and being 16🕺🏻
Adam Yerima
Adam Yerima 14 ditë më parë
idk why but i rlly appreciate that this show doesn't have a laugh track.
Glamrock Freddy
Glamrock Freddy 14 ditë më parë
Are you questioning my childhood?
Pop Cat
Pop Cat 15 ditë më parë
If they didnt abuse cartoon sound effects I think the show would be very good
Mason Craig
Mason Craig 16 ditë më parë
The part where he pulled a gun was just fucking wjat
BillyJoe Cobra
BillyJoe Cobra 17 ditë më parë
It was extremely weird but also extremely funny. A beloved show of my childhood.
Julius Kn
Julius Kn 18 ditë më parë
I cannot agree here. Sure, the boys and their behaviour is almost only entertaining for kids, but Griffin, Bitters and especially Gustavo are bringing in this awesome strange humor that makes me love the show. You do not have to like the music or the four guys but Gustavo Rocque alone makes it the weird, but legendary show it is. Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪
Shmole 18 ditë më parë
when i find out your from rochester and got way to excited about that XD
Rebecca Paiotti Da Silva
Rebecca Paiotti Da Silva 18 ditë më parë
BTR is coming back in 2021, mark my words!!!!!
B 19 ditë më parë
words cannot describe how much i love this show. its so weird and insane but so fun
Heyitsmejulie yc
Heyitsmejulie yc 21 ditë më parë
He speaks truth 7:15
Lucia 2060
Lucia 2060 21 ditë më parë
"The whole premice of the show is watching cute guys act goofy" That's the best definition of big time rush and honestly why I loved it so much as a kid
NASCAR penis
NASCAR penis 22 ditë më parë
Who els pretend to be one of them as a kid
Kyburn 24 ditë më parë
This show was weirdly comedic with how it presented itself. Almost always they set up at least 3 jokes in a row.
Sniper Kennedy
Sniper Kennedy 24 ditë më parë
Why was Alex divorced
Aaron Reyes
Aaron Reyes 25 ditë më parë
If you could do more reviews on Nickelodeon tv film or series, you should do it on spectacular and rags.
Sephora Treviño
Sephora Treviño 25 ditë më parë
The one thing I don’t understand is why the boys all decided to audition in the first episode when three of them had no talent. Other than that the show is like brain candy. People just like finding the worst bits of a show which aren’t even really that bad? All of these videos have like middle school humor in them 💀
Patricia Carrillo
Patricia Carrillo 27 ditë më parë
"can you imagine, millions of young teenage girls being obsessed over a group of singing, dancing pretty boys" * shows BTS * Me: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
ltzPandaYT 28 ditë më parë
It wasnt weird it was legendary
THX_ BananaPlayy
THX_ BananaPlayy 28 ditë më parë
this was sick cmon man xD
Jack James
Jack James 29 ditë më parë
I never knew this existed and I watch Nickelodeon when it came out I literally have no reccoleciton of this show
Ray Garcia
Ray Garcia 29 ditë më parë
This video just made u look like a donkey criticizing a show that actually was way better than u tried to make it seem GOOD TRY though lmao u might not like it but thats probably cause u were that ugly weird teem who hated on good looking guys cause hes too insecure about himself lmao they wernt 20 playing 15 yr olds they were barley 18 playing 17 yr olds this whole video just showed how much of a hater u are lmao
17R3W 29 ditë më parë
Best big time rush story I ever heard was a guy giving away their concert tickets, which he had purchased in error assuming that "big time rush" was the name of the Rush tour.
wreckemz '
wreckemz ' Muaj më parë
you didn't watch the whole show, did you? btr was more than "cute guys acting goofy", it was a funny show with a bunch of life lessons.
Josiah Johnson
Josiah Johnson Muaj më parë
Can you do jessi
DaFrancc Muaj më parë
I’m here bopping to the theme song
9aracna TM
9aracna TM Muaj më parë
Miguel Morales
Miguel Morales Muaj më parë
Could you do code lyoko, there's a lot that I have to say about it and I think you would have the same thoughts
A K Muaj më parë
When the main characters are the real band
TheBeerwaisnetwork Muaj më parë
That's not the Midwest, that's the old northwest.
Tuti MultiFandom
Tuti MultiFandom Muaj më parë
I'm not gonna lie in the past this program was my giulty pleassure
GameRHero95 Muaj më parë
Weird shows are the best shows in Nickelodeon! Oh how I missed all the cartoon antics in this show and their songs are lit.
The anime army
The anime army Muaj më parë
Oh my god.... This show is so stupid 😂
T DUB Muaj më parë
Nah it’s funny
David Jarrah
David Jarrah Muaj më parë
The accessible fact centrally cheat because roast sadly colour up a dead gong. outrageous, elated ukraine
Curtis S
Curtis S Muaj më parë
I still remember them preforming on Good Morning America
Colby Garrow
Colby Garrow Muaj më parë
I had a boy in my class we were in elementary school and he was Obsessed with them
arjaffari Muaj më parë
song they did w jordan sparks was crazy
bazings Gozar
bazings Gozar Muaj më parë
Alyssa Rodriguez
Alyssa Rodriguez Muaj më parë
Please keep watching the amount of 4th wall breaking makes it worth it
Jr Pueyo
Jr Pueyo Muaj më parë
1:18 that's hella sus
Snazzy Drew
Snazzy Drew Muaj më parë
I lowkey loved this show.
David F. Soriano Villascusa
David F. Soriano Villascusa Muaj më parë
1:53 wait is that Chelsea Peretti?
Cynthia Thavhana
Cynthia Thavhana Muaj më parë
😂😂😂😂When I get bored I watch this guy then my day is made
Cris Tea
Cris Tea Muaj më parë
the only thing I remember about btr is the songs lmao
Carlos Ocano
Carlos Ocano Muaj më parë
I'm literally binging it right now its one of my favorites
TNG4MER Muaj më parë
you never had a childhood
Elena ___
Elena ___ Muaj më parë
0:42 James P. 0:45 Sirius B. 0:51 Remus L. And the one thats left is the rat
James McGee
James McGee Muaj më parë
Wait then do you still have Charlie
Rorentso Muaj më parë
When I was 7 I literally wanted to live in the palm woods :"
Cyteemoez Muaj më parë
im a 15 year old person and i love btr,,i watched every single episode and know all of their songs,,im really happy that all of them are still friends and still promote big time rush (the show) because it is now available on netflix us
Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Gonzalez Muaj më parë
The show overall is mid. But their music goes crazy and no one can deny that
Manydoors Edboy
Manydoors Edboy Muaj më parë
What was their best song and why was it Half Way There?
Princess Raven Diamond
Princess Raven Diamond Muaj më parë
As someone who was born in Minnesota and has lived here all my life, I strongly disagree with your opinions on the Midwest
Chloe Taterka
Chloe Taterka Muaj më parë
everyone's bringing up so many different btr songs LMAO let's just be real here. fan or not, almost every song if not all of their songs were great and they were all very talented as a group. it honestly sucks that people didn't know they were a real band outside of nickelodeon.
VishiBigBoy - Fortnite /Roblox
VishiBigBoy - Fortnite /Roblox Muaj më parë
Breaking news:Big Time Rush is now on Netflix in the USA
heartbreakjoon Muaj më parë
no hate or anything, but jo was one of the most annoying characters to me, for example the jordan sparks episode
Atina Kostova
Atina Kostova Muaj më parë
DIVORCED? What did I miss?
Gossiper Zoroark
Gossiper Zoroark Muaj më parë
Lemonade Mouth vs Big Time Rush Who wrote it better.
Sami M.
Sami M. Muaj më parë
Toth Zoltan
Toth Zoltan Muaj më parë
Only true fans knows songs like "Love me again" or "Anything" from BTR
Young D
Young D Muaj më parë
You should do dragon ball and code lyoko
Uros Vesic
Uros Vesic Muaj më parë
I actually really liked this show
LetsSaboogi Muaj më parë
My now 20-year-old older brother and I grew up on this show and recently started rewatching it. The combination of satire and insanity really holds up to be honest😂
Karla Becerra
Karla Becerra Muaj më parë
this guy has a thing for bts actually
sweetxlies Muaj më parë
I still listen to their music
Shortcake Muaj më parë
Was always more into iron weasel from 'im in the band' the song pull my finger still slaps tbh
Kaotic Thinks
Kaotic Thinks Muaj më parë
Their song Stuck is so UNDERRATED
Kayla Parussini
Kayla Parussini Muaj më parë
I loveddddddd this show & still do! I remember seeing them in concert for the first time in like 2012 or something like that🥰😍💕 I watched the show every day or when it was on & had a brand new episode!
Matt Muaj më parë
they're the best band in the world
Alina Zechmeister
Alina Zechmeister Muaj më parë
I don't know what your problem with this tv show is ?
Faith Mwaura
Faith Mwaura Muaj më parë
The biggest problem about this show for me was how painfully obnoxious and LOUD the producer was. He was the most annoying character by LEAGUES, and he was in basically every episode. Funnily enough, I've never managed to catch the first episode before, so this stuff about them being from Minnesota is all news to me. The show was... okay. Good songs, but otherwise only bearable in small bursts. They kept the boys in such strict character tropes and Kendall being the "main character" and voice of "reason/heart" and it just got too irritating because it made the others look TOO stupid to compensate. I DID like that the cast wasn't all girls and pink and such for once. It was kinda refreshing.
Kurt DiMeglio
Kurt DiMeglio Muaj më parë
this is poo poo
xiholliday Muaj më parë
This dude didnt even almost make it half way there... only real BTR fans know what im referencing here.
meiko Muaj më parë
Blake Stone
Blake Stone Muaj më parë
This show was absolute ass. It never should've been made. The premise is so shallow and the humor is annoying.
Eddy Madison
Eddy Madison Muaj më parë
You should watch/review a 2000 movie & TV shows *2gether* , they're basically Big Time Rush before Big Time Rush was a thing.
georg kroux
georg kroux Muaj më parë
I'm happy I grew up with big time rush and drake & Josh instead of cardi B and rappers promoting drugs, sexual insults etc
Z Muaj më parë
666 dislikes-
Indigo47 Muaj më parë
I love the face paced comedy of the show and the sound effects used. It’s made by the guy who made neds declassified. I was like 11 when this show came out and remembered liking it thought some of the songs were a lil cheesy but some songs go hard can’t lie. I always thought the show was like a satire of boy bands and the music industry
Noel Segura
Noel Segura Muaj më parë
Jesus loves yall, He died on that cross to take our punishment:)💕
Derp boi yctvtvt
Derp boi yctvtvt Muaj më parë
And now it's easter the day he came back yessir yessir
Katelyn Muaj më parë
dear person reading this, ur so loved and worthy 🦋stay safe!!
Sorelle berger
Sorelle berger Muaj më parë
@Franzisca Sembach (Alex got rid of that vid so I'm replying here)I feel like people like to hate what's popular Also there is so much misogyny ingrained in us to hate women for no good reason .Taylor is talented smart beautiful people need to stop degrading her for dating life which was like 10 guys in 10 years
Laras Surakusuma
Laras Surakusuma Muaj më parë
This show was my childhood.. I actually wonder whether you ever have a review about it. Dang youtube read my mind
Bridget Seekell
Bridget Seekell Muaj më parë
wait ur divorsed???
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