Jennifer's Body is the craziest movie I've ever seen...

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Alex Meyers

23 ditë më parë

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Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers 22 ditë më parë
Check out the new The Walking Dead: Survivors:
Aiden b
Aiden b Ditë më parë
Funist dude ever
Nathaniel Rowe
Nathaniel Rowe 7 ditë më parë
can u put shut up ur not my real dad on spotify or apple music
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams 8 ditë më parë
Can you do the tv show Reign next please
Sirène Noire
Sirène Noire 9 ditë më parë
11:00 was too good 😂😂😂. Please do song parodies.
Falco 11 ditë më parë
ok thanks
Kiki Chan
Kiki Chan 5 orë më parë
ngl that song was kinda fire
RiRi x
RiRi x 10 orë më parë
that song was lowkey fire tho it reminded me of the Malcolm in the middle theme song Idk why
Grace Daphne
Grace Daphne 11 orë më parë
If you read the comic, it's so much cheesier than the movie. I finished the comic in one or two hours, left it in the bookstore shelf and didn't even buy it. Because I already finished it. 🤣 I would love to do a spell or sacrifice something/ someone in order to get Megan Fox's beauty.
Joseph Aryeh
Joseph Aryeh 15 orë më parë
Omg how long have you been waiting to make that music video
Александър Петров
Александър Петров 23 orë më parë
"Shut up you're not my real dad" 😂😂
Sarah Courtney
Sarah Courtney 23 orë më parë
why did the parody of all emo songs kinda hit? now im not saying tis like good or anything but i would listen again.
sarah imran
sarah imran Ditë më parë
My favorite part of the MOVIE was the end and my favorite part of the VIDEO was the emo song it deserves an award
Litpk Ditë më parë
well damn
Crimson Mari
Crimson Mari Ditë më parë
We need an extended ver. of "Shut up you're not my real dad"
Ishrat Rahman
Ishrat Rahman Ditë më parë
The parody song was very anime opening ever
Natalie Feldman
Natalie Feldman Ditë më parë
Okay that song..... It killed me 🤣
I P Ditë më parë
Alex. It's really easy. *clears throat* "She's a *MAAAANEEEEAAAATERR*!!"
Femcel Ditë më parë
Jennifer was in love with needy so she ate all the boys she liked/took interested because she was jealous 🤷
Femcel Ditë më parë
You skipped when they kissed ok?🤨
Femcel Ditë më parë
This was my gay awakening 😭
HIMMBelljuvo Ditë më parë
I've never watched this but now I'm gonna. It's interesting 18:45 Nope. Not a mixed message. Pretty accurate to how feminism works, if you think about it.
I think Alex should make animatic.
Jake Guttormsson
Jake Guttormsson Ditë më parë
This movie is a weird fever dream.
Kricket R.
Kricket R. 2 ditë më parë
You have glancing blows that are almost accurate on the points of this film. But in the end it's a female story. So, there are going to be parts that you just will never understand. You come so close several times to the actual ideas and points that this film try to make/convey, however, I feel like you just don't have the context (context only gained from a greater understanding of the female experience) to help bridge the gap. The best example of this is your take on Jennifer's need to attack the boys at her school. (there are youtubers who are able to articulate these concepts SO MUCH better then me,) but in short: Yes. That is an important part of this actually. Replace all "demon" and "cult" and "satanic" and "Super natural" what-have-you with RAPE. And suddenly this is a VERY relatable experience for a lot of women. The brake down, if your still missing it: Jennifer was essentially violently sexually assaulted and then left for dead (a more common experience for women of all ages then most men think) She then stumbles in a state of PTSD induced shock to her best friend (yes her mom is an absentee mom, hence why Jennifer hangs out with Needy all the time, also a VERY common occurrence for kids in general) Jennifer continues to have massive mood swings, both lashing out at her best friend, and seeking comfort from her. (this is also SUPER normal for people suffering from severe, untreated PTSD) She is privately in turmoil. Knowing full well that her abusers will never come to justice (even if she stepped forward she would be dragged through the mud by the courts along with her entire school because "she was asking for it" is still alive and well.) She wants things to be normal. To go back to how they were before her trauma. But she isn't going to get the help and actually end up pushing away the few people who COULD have helped her (this is also SUPER fucking common in domestic and sex abuse cases) This is also why she never goes to confront her attackers. These are people who brutalized her, she is traumatized by them, do you really thing that a seventeen year old is going to have the emotional maturity to be able to push past that horror and confront her abusers? NO! There are 30-year-olds who don't have that kind of emotional elasticity. Now her need to attack boys. Well, this is a horror movie. So look at it like this. She is TERRIFIED of facing her abusers, what's the next best thing? People who are the same gender as them, who wear their skin, as it were. And let me tell you, if I were able to magically expend some of that rage from being brutalized in a magical way, yeah. I don't think I would have been any different. They are boys, so they are not as dangerous to her, like a full adult male would be, and it also makes them more easily handled sense she has experience with her fellow high schoolers. Her being a revenant is a perfect analogy of what it feels like post-sexual assault. All the rage, and hopelessness, and insecurity, and self-loathing, you start to feel like a monster yourself. You start to feel both dead inside and so filled with powerless rage that you could burn alive from it. So yeah. If you've never been a women, and you've never been violently assaulted, there are a lot of things that aren't going to make very much sense at all in this movie. Needy's hero's journey is a totally different discussion all together, and yeah, other people have talked about much more eloquently then I could
Tre Williams
Tre Williams 2 ditë më parë
Still to this day I don't understand this movie
Orya Levi
Orya Levi 2 ditë më parë
Really enjoyed the mini song in the middle My favorite part was "shut up you're not my real dad!" Gets me every time
Aga 2 ditë më parë
Dat song was soooooo coool and its todly my frand ho was emo but atlest he had dese like Wird songs SO yea de best yers off my live
DayZ Operative
DayZ Operative 2 ditë më parë
Johnny Simmons is cousins with my aunt I heard recently.
Gerard Perry
Gerard Perry 3 ditë më parë
Confirmed. Indie rock is the creation of the prince of the power of the air.
gracie ackerman
gracie ackerman 3 ditë më parë
Wøèrm Sin
Wøèrm Sin 3 ditë më parë
You really like to talk a lot about how you were rejected in highschool
ft. shraddha
ft. shraddha 3 ditë më parë
Petition to release the full version of the *Shut up you're not my real dad.*
Brigid Whitmey
Brigid Whitmey Ditë më parë
YES lets make a petition
Jacob Lofthus
Jacob Lofthus 3 ditë më parë
Hey Alex, I know it isn't usually your thing, but think you could cover the Saw movies?
Gerard Perry
Gerard Perry 3 ditë më parë
Cinema Summary-or Dead Meat.
Dr who
Dr who 3 ditë më parë
shut up your not my real daaaaaaaaddddd
cartoonclimax 3 ditë më parë
Ok, now I want a full version of "Shut Up! You're Not My Real Dad!" from Alex! Who agrees?
Murkchieo 3 ditë më parë
I loved this movie growing up
AbduelO .S
AbduelO .S 3 ditë më parë
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo did she die?
Leigh Black
Leigh Black 3 ditë më parë
Jennifer isn't the hero of the story. Needy is the hero. She gets the arc and takes back her control from Jennifer. Needy is obviously in love with Jennifer and willing to follow her lead. The movie is about her learning to have confidence in herself and learning to protect the people she cares about. The idea of the superpowers is the fact that Jennifer doesn't do anything useful with them. Needy is the one who decides to use it to go after the band members who caused this whole mess.
Bed frame Media
Bed frame Media 3 ditë më parë
My step dad heard the song, thanks Alex
Irene Adler
Irene Adler 3 ditë më parë
Thanks for that... I'll have that song stuck in my head forever now. "Shut up you're not my real deaaaaaaaad"
Films by Avinash
Films by Avinash 3 ditë më parë
Shut up you're not my real dad 😂
It’s Anesu
It’s Anesu 3 ditë më parë
Pls do maze runner,umbrella academy or Agents of shield
ronipcgamer 3 ditë më parë
Black Screen Dude
Black Screen Dude 3 ditë më parë
No one asked but the only reason why I watched this movie was because of that P!ATD song New perspective.
Hope Adjei
Hope Adjei 3 ditë më parë
that’s the best song i’ve listened to in a long time. no actually forever
Dykejiah Jones
Dykejiah Jones 3 ditë më parë
Your James Charles joke does not get enough recognition in these comments. 😂😂
Nandita Rana
Nandita Rana 4 ditë më parë
Fun fact: this movie was actually inspired by real-life events. It was based on the murder of Elyse Pahler. 😢
Moonbeam 4 ditë më parë
I lovvveeeedd this movie ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sri Daran
Sri Daran 4 ditë më parë
Sri Daran
Sri Daran 4 ditë më parë
The band sing part was my favourite
Tenariah Jones
Tenariah Jones 4 ditë më parë
Hey where can I buy this song lol
Maria Pires
Maria Pires 4 ditë më parë
Bob Bignuts
Bob Bignuts 4 ditë më parë
So it started a cult?
Spaceman Tv
Spaceman Tv 4 ditë më parë
Hey 👋 shut up your not my real dad ! I’m done ✔️
Intelligent Rock
Intelligent Rock 4 ditë më parë
Bruh that lip syncing sucks though
jevauna mcpherson
jevauna mcpherson 4 ditë më parë
For anyone who loves the hoodie’s+body+hoodie&ref=sr_gallery-1-10&organic_search_click=1&frs=1
Denise Hose
Denise Hose 4 ditë më parë
It was an amazing movie at the end 😍
Becoming Amira
Becoming Amira 4 ditë më parë
I hated school especially dress code it’s so unrealistic in movies and tv shows.
Christine_RBLX 4 ditë më parë
Alex: But first there's a sponsor Me: NO! Also me: skips
Farro Royal
Farro Royal 4 ditë më parë
Would of been cool if Jennifer was a nerd too she just indulges in the pretty girl lifestyle, because she was like bullied or dumped. Which would give a extra sting (motive) when she’s killing people using her looks to attract thirsty dudes and explains why she was shy talking to “handsome “ guys
ayumideck 4 ditë më parë
Jennifer's Body was just a rushed ripoff of the early 2000s Canadian movie Ginger Snaps, like almost beat for beat. The plot holes in JB are also likely because it's copied homework without showing its work, lol
moraa. 4 ditë më parë
there is so much to unpack here pls
Amie Page
Amie Page 4 ditë më parë
So when should I expect Shut Up You're Not My Real Dad to be on Spotify
Dimas N
Dimas N 5 ditë më parë
I'm going to eat your soulllll
Jasmine Estrada
Jasmine Estrada 5 ditë më parë
Have you reviewed nick and Norah infinity playlist
TiTAN Crockett
TiTAN Crockett 5 ditë më parë
The song is kind of catchy
natedogs212 5 ditë më parë
They took a Rated-R movie script....Butchered it.....made it a PG-13 type movie that was trying to be 'cool'.....
ROSE B 5 ditë më parë
I had watched this movie back then and it was good, way too good that I wanted to be like needy in the last part
Matheus Barbosa
Matheus Barbosa 5 ditë më parë
About the "why did she go after her friend instead of the guy who did this to her", I always assumed that wasn't Jennifer anymore, but a demon in her body.
Ananya Konda
Ananya Konda 5 ditë më parë
this is my new favorite song
DSMAG GT 5 ditë më parë
I was gonna watch the movie, but this is even better!😂
mini kyloren is cracked
mini kyloren is cracked 5 ditë më parë
Give me holy water i need it
IAmNotNicole 5 ditë më parë
“In a while, James Charles is a ped-“ _wheeze_
david auken
david auken 5 ditë më parë
Damn, i counted 61 times he said "like" just in the end monologue
•ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ• 5 ditë më parë
Ok that song kinda slaps though
花らやん 5 ditë më parë
Wait i saw this But i don't know what led me to do it
Rubis Cubis
Rubis Cubis 5 ditë më parë
"you wanna go somewhere safe like my van?" LMAOOOOOOOOOO
AJ Gyampoh
AJ Gyampoh 5 ditë më parë
I know a lot of kids who needed that shut up you’re not my real dad song growing up
Johnny Sytamco
Johnny Sytamco 5 ditë më parë
I play TWD.
Kirsten Martin
Kirsten Martin 6 ditë më parë
Simple Plan could never.
Ivan Pierre
Ivan Pierre 6 ditë më parë
That song I would really listen to it
alice stewert
alice stewert 6 ditë më parë
The part that bothers me the most is that Jennifer was clearly in a trance when she was outside the bar which is the only reason she went into the van 🙅🏻‍♀️
Total buter
Total buter 6 ditë më parë
I like your Animation React haha
Karen Soza
Karen Soza 6 ditë më parë
God that video was the incarnation of allllll early 2000s to mid 2000s music videos. Lol 😂
Sophie Griffin
Sophie Griffin 6 ditë më parë
If I was needy I would've thanked jen for getting rid of my annoying bf
The Blank Space
The Blank Space 6 ditë më parë
I remember when this came out it was better thing it was way better thing to convince me to stay a virgin wayyy better Than HSU
Esme GiGi Genevieve Squalor
Esme GiGi Genevieve Squalor 6 ditë më parë
_ Octo
_ Octo 6 ditë më parë
Shay Corrales
Shay Corrales 6 ditë më parë
Why is no one talking about Alex’s “James Charles is a pedophile” joke? I’m crying 😂😂
Anastasiya Yefimova
Anastasiya Yefimova 6 ditë më parë
I'm a lil concerned about how the parody sounded so much like the music i listen to😔
matthew nickerson
matthew nickerson 6 ditë më parë
its funny
Armelle Biampamba
Armelle Biampamba 6 ditë më parë
*I am the shadow in the prism of a teardrop. My heart is a child crying at the bustop.* Alex, you may have some literary talent stuffed up that tiny white brain.
Quiet Girl
Quiet Girl 6 ditë më parë
7:46 😂omg
Austyn Damon
Austyn Damon 6 ditë më parë
Kill Counts cover of this movie and yours are both perfect lol
Kaizley Waters
Kaizley Waters 6 ditë më parë
Hehe 11:00
Toya Diinae
Toya Diinae 6 ditë më parë
Alex, your sad song was awesome!
Flash Zhj
Flash Zhj 6 ditë më parë
Jennifer always trying to be cute is awkward 😅
darkness21princess 6 ditë më parë
Un subscribing. Why are all your jokes about you being a incel?
John Montgomerie
John Montgomerie 6 ditë më parë
how did they get the from green
Yolo Cervantes
Yolo Cervantes 6 ditë më parë
Slenderforest 6 ditë më parë
I no its not a real song but it's pretty good
Mr Wanner
Mr Wanner 7 ditë më parë
Well I must say you must be soy sauce
PositiveVibesVeda 7 ditë më parë
Wait til you guys realize this was based on a true story 😳
Emily Sutherland
Emily Sutherland 7 ditë më parë
how do you make a 20 minute video about jennifer’s body and not mention the homoeroticism during the entire plot like she literally feels her up in the chicken scene and also they make out
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