Bridgerton is kinda dumb...

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Alex Meyers

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Silver Doe
Silver Doe Minutë më parë
Correct, it was kind of dumb
Hi It’s Me
Hi It’s Me Ditë më parë
Ok but I’m just saying that on line where Simon was asking Daphne if he should marry Anthony is just a little sus-like you could watch the whole thing as if it’s a jilted lover who appears to be on friendly terms with his ex lover and desperately trying to forget him through others and yk what just don’t mind me here-
Megan's Place
Megan's Place Ditë më parë
Ok I'm really hoping that his SEXIST comment abt periods was a joke. either way that wasn't funny
Arlette Parker
Arlette Parker Ditë më parë
Watch miraculous ladybug
Melissa Maven
Melissa Maven Ditë më parë
Daphne was the kind of girl who wanted true love and children and a happily ever after. She wanted to be the perfect girl whom ppl liked, which I think made many ppl hate her character because usually the main female leads are more like Eloise. But I actually found it refreshing to have such a series with a female lead so unlike your usual stereotypical lead, her character in a way was more like the villain you would expect in such shows, someone with the need to be perfect and win rather than someone who is 'not like the other girls' and wants to be employed rather than marry some old fart and waste her life.
Juno Phantomtrancy
Juno Phantomtrancy 2 ditë më parë
"its like pride and prejudice with gossip girl" THATS WHAT IVE BEEN LITERALLY SAYING!!!!!!
Shereik McKenzie
Shereik McKenzie 3 ditë më parë
Please review the Witcher
ma lak
ma lak 4 ditë më parë
I love how everyone just loves eloise
Elisheva 6 ditë më parë
I hate this show, it really sucks
Nix CZ
Nix CZ 6 ditë më parë
Just look at those poorly made costumes. They aren't even historicaly accurate and don't even sit the actors well.
Kaleihua Medeiros
Kaleihua Medeiros 7 ditë më parë
While I was watching the show that’s exactly the mixture of two shows that I was thinking about
Bob Matteis
Bob Matteis 8 ditë më parë
It’s not like the most exciting show maybe because I am kind of a marvel nerd that’s how I gave up bartending because of comic books. It’s hard to believe this show is that popular . I mean think about it most guys would rather watch the punisher daredevil Ozark cobra Kai bloodline Kingdom with Nick Jonas. The whole country is into the superhero stuff that’s where the big money is . Yes the avengers endgame is the biggest movie of all time and now you have the X-Men which Disney paid over $70 billion and they got a few other properties it’s really hard to imagine that the X-Men is worth more than the New York Yankees and I’m the biggest Yankee fan but the Yankees are only worth $5 billion. Well now Marvel took over Disney+ Marvel is going to take over the movie theaters again that’s where the big money is. Bridgerton is not really a guys type of show hard to describe🙄🙄🙄
Kayla Malinga
Kayla Malinga 10 ditë më parë
Shen Shen
Shen Shen 11 ditë më parë
just admit it dude YOU LIKE THE SHOW.. that's it... hahahahah
J Lange
J Lange 12 ditë më parë
I read the books, and enjoyed them, some were better than others, but overall they were fun. I couldn’t even watch the series. So. Much. Wrong. Blech. I hate when movies and TV ruin books I like.
Emily Talerman
Emily Talerman 12 ditë më parë
Bridgerton should’ve been a TV-14 show it did not use it’s MA rating wisely.
Lieutenant Myst
Lieutenant Myst 12 ditë më parë
From what my sister told me, didn't a guy in this tv show get assaulted? I'm pretty sure she said that happened, can someone elaborate on if that happened or that I am wrong?
Lieutenant Myst
Lieutenant Myst Ditë më parë
@Melissa Maven WTF!?!?!?! If I was Simon, I would leave her as that is not okay! But let me guess, they stay together in the end?
Melissa Maven
Melissa Maven Ditë më parë
SPOILER ALERT So basically the main couple of the show is Simon and Daphne. Simon told Daphne he couldn't have children so she naturally assumed it was physically impossible for him to do so. But then she realized he never actually told her its not possible for him to have children so she basically assaulted him (to some length I am not going into details) to check if he oculd have children or not.
It's Marie
It's Marie 12 ditë më parë
Sure, I met the love of my life while reaching a bottle of Vagisil and it just so happens she was also about to reach that same bottle of vagisil and we touched hands. 😂
Lionessbynature 800
Lionessbynature 800 12 ditë më parë
First, how on earth did Daphne damn near raped Simon with her little petite stick figure body is beyond me. Like really? We're just gonna let that fly? This dude was like uhhhhh WTF was that rape or is this girl on steroids? The whole pretending scheme went out the window way too quick. As a person who loves period pieces, e.g. Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Downtown Abbey, Poldark, Jane Eyre, Daniel Duronda, War and Peace, Upstairs Downstairs, Harlots, Sleepy Hollows etc This TV series was an extreme disappointment. I don't like the main characters Simon and Daphne. Their acting chemistry was flat and dry. They need a new actress to play Daphne because the one they have looks like a spoiled white privileged brat in 8th grade.
Viaphobic 13 ditë më parë
I am really born in the wrong generation
Dave E.
Dave E. 13 ditë më parë
It seems the creator likes Shakespeare since it's the same story as Much ado about nothing.
Anna B
Anna B 13 ditë më parë
Narrator: "the brighter a lady shines, the faster she may burn" Meyers: "yeah that's how you find out who the witches are" I cackled!
Emily McPhee
Emily McPhee 13 ditë më parë
Anyone else a redhead really frustrated that he called her clearly a burette a redhead?
Venus 13 ditë më parë
u dont know how shocked i was that he's got a girlfriend lol
Rose 15 ditë më parë
Wtf is going on in this video lol
*Some.Person* 15 ditë më parë
I’m not gonna lie, i really liked the show and I’m excited for season 2 😅
Ingrid Reyes
Ingrid Reyes 16 ditë më parë
watch its okay not to be okay
Valeria Fernández
Valeria Fernández 16 ditë më parë
Colin and Simon being literally the source of all my frustrations for about a whole season of 40-minute-long episodes telling a compilation of cheesy historical fanfiction but it's not even fun and the sex scenes are awkwardly long (that made no sense but let me be)
Artemis 16 ditë më parë
Idk about you guys but I hated Daphne the moment she took advantage of Simon. DAMN that was disgusting af.
Phelton Phive
Phelton Phive 17 ditë më parë
interesting take, but then i also recommend The Take!
Natasha Kalanda
Natasha Kalanda 17 ditë më parë
The entanglement from their attachment was AMAZIIING...I burnt for ittttt
K A 17 ditë më parë
am i the only one who thinks the queen looks like cardi b?
AZRAIEL 1984 17 ditë më parë
Just saw the first season, it wasn't that bad, I didn't hate, but I'm not bothering with the second season, I could care less about Anthony.
Kytyo Y
Kytyo Y 18 ditë më parë
You know what makes me want to claw my eyes out the most in both the book and tv series? The main protagonist, the perfect shining star girl rapes her supposed love interest before gaslighting him into thinking it was right.
K A 18 ditë më parë
Holly X
Holly X 18 ditë më parë
Loved the comparisons to other shows here! :D
S Judas
S Judas 19 ditë më parë
A historical drama with inaccurate depictions of the people of the time for the sake of diversity, plus the storytelling and dialogue is shite. How could anyone watch this crap.
amorfati khb
amorfati khb 19 ditë më parë
just in case, i do hope everyone is aware at how predatory the lord was towards daphne and that isn’t acceptable behavior
bysscanna 21 ditë më parë
why is everyone pressed if it’s not historically accurate that’s not the point of it lmao
bysscanna 15 ditë më parë
@Suhani true
Suhani 15 ditë më parë
Fashion historians would disagree
EbonyRain123 21 ditë më parë
I get they wanted to be inclusive but... racism was like huge.Then a white girl and an African guy wouldn't be walking arm in arm in the square
hii_im_trash 21 ditë më parë
love when he randomly starts with "so laura jean and......oop- sorry wrong show!"
Penelope Bond
Penelope Bond 21 ditë më parë
I mean nobody said it was gonna be historically accurate. It was just one of those romance shows a lot of people enjoy despite being dumb. I had fun watching it. Let fictional shows exist, people.
Kam. BB
Kam. BB 22 ditë më parë
Many people are mad over daphnes actions and want to put the blame all on her for what occurred with somon, but tbh I don’t she could’ve known the weight of her actions. The girl didn’t even know where babies came from.
Noela mini
Noela mini 22 ditë më parë
XD What's up with the BTS references?
Cracker Monster
Cracker Monster 22 ditë më parë
4:00-4:14 will be an awesome TikTok
Noemi Mairhuber
Noemi Mairhuber 22 ditë më parë
Can somebody explain to me what was up with Anthony scareing off & talking bad about all her potential suitors? At first I thought he simply thought no one is good enough for his sis, but then, because of HIS BEHAVIOUR, Daphne had no other choices/suitors but the cringey old creepy dude, who, if I remember correctly, Anthony didn't approve of at the beginning neither and later just changed his mind because of the circumstances, that were entirely on HIM? Like what was his plan there? And pls don't tell me the esuces was "Anthony didn't thought ahead/know that his actions could have consequences". He's suppose to be in his late 20s - early thirties & is a Dutch or smth. The writers can't or shouldn't use this excuse. And yes I know this needed to happen in order for the story, but they could have executed it better/differently
Gabrielle Samuels
Gabrielle Samuels 23 ditë më parë
"so this slice of tall hot glass water" -Alex Meyers 2021
amers83 23 ditë më parë
My sisters recommended the series to me and I tried to like this show but found it boring all around. I like the scenery and costumes though.The use of wisteria made for a beautiful touch.☺
Anna Sharma
Anna Sharma 24 ditë më parë
This show reads off like a bad Pride and Prejudice rip off just with more ...scenes. I love P&P to death but this is pure cringe
Hange Zoe
Hange Zoe 25 ditë më parë
am I the only one that thinks Daphne looks like Katherine Howard's tudor painting?
A M 25 ditë më parë
They chose the most boring main characters they possibly could. The supporting characters were more interesting. The number of sex scenes just made the show ridiculous and childish. Not to mention the script. The show is all hype and is pretty bad.
Xarre S.
Xarre S. 26 ditë më parë
I dont like that poc became royalty etc. It just feels off. Cant they all just stick with a cast of primarily white people instead of attempting to be inclusive to other skin colors? Id rather have a unified cast in terms of color than a half assed diverse cast that just wants to appeal to to the pocs for profit.
Alias Fakename
Alias Fakename 27 ditë më parë
I don't care about Bridgerton but ALpost wouldn't stop recommending me Bridgerton stuff so I finally watched this so they'd leave me alone
jo 27 ditë më parë
of all the things that can be criticised in this show, some people just wanna point out that "black people shouldn't be there" like wtf???? ok we got it, racism was huge back then. now shut up and let actors of colour do their jobs.
Maria Pawlusiewicz
Maria Pawlusiewicz 27 ditë më parë
Why is noone talking about her sister whose supossed to be 18 played by a 30yo actress.... it annoys me so much after finding out her age i just cannot unsee it
C. SpaDinner
C. SpaDinner 28 ditë më parë
They filmed in the city I live in, for this
Bob TheDog
Bob TheDog 28 ditë më parë
READ👏THE👏BOOKS (They are really good especially book 4)
alex the dimer
alex the dimer 28 ditë më parë
is there any vids of you not ading Sponsorships
Babii Rae
Babii Rae Muaj më parë
I wish Daphne would have UNDERSTOOD Simons past and understood, not assaulted him, and would have been a little less childish. Towards the end of the first season it turned into a p0rno. It’s so many things in this show that absolutely irritated me and made me not like this show.
Nafisa tasnim
Nafisa tasnim Muaj më parë
Alex why don't you review famous kdramas like- Hotel del luna, Vincenzo or Penthouse or Mr.Queen, The heirs etc. ?
Suhani 15 ditë më parë
Yes mam!!!💜
Lavish_living 12
Lavish_living 12 Muaj më parë
Honestly. This show is amazing. You think I care if it’s not historically accurate?
Sophia Socwell
Sophia Socwell Muaj më parë
Wait tell the last episode it goes down hill FAST!
Shoe Gal
Shoe Gal Muaj më parë
you should review more adult movies and shows id love to see you review Tom Cruise movies Eyes wide shut Jerry Mcguire Vanilla Sky
Hentai Bitch
Hentai Bitch Muaj më parë
Me over here jamming to thank you next in the background being played on the violin and then being like what do you say😂
Vinka Lu
Vinka Lu Muaj më parë
Everyone here wishing they were born in that era would have ended up being a farmer or peasant class. You would have been wearing rags, and not these beautiful elaborate dresses. Then probably die of tuberculosis or scarlet fever. (History was only pretty for the people with the $$$). If you were a girl, you would have probably become a spinster or married the first guy that came your way (which didn’t necessarily mean romance or a happy ending). Let’s be serious, most people weren’t rich. You had the upper class and the peasants. There was no middle class. You’re far luckier now than you would have been back then. You were born in the right Just enjoy what you have. Really history wasn’t as favourable as these shows depicted.
IKELLA Muaj më parë
1:49 holy shit that looks just like daphne ...nO joke it’s actually perfect
Commander Cody
Commander Cody Muaj më parë
Bro why did their uniforms and clothes not look realistic at all, they just looked stupid I stg.
RavenRoseProductions Muaj më parë
"Like a dead sexy Pokemon, such as as Wooloo" Me: Yep. I don't oxygen. I will die laughing
Chakura Muaj më parë
This sound like the pretend relationship trope that is very popular with the light novel isekais
-_- Muaj më parë
Dumb zoomer haircut
-_- Muaj më parë
For all the guys to look at and just be like *hawahawhahahwhaa*
MissyNYrk Muaj më parë
Please do an episode on Disney channel’s So Weird.
Why do you care? Lol
Why do you care? Lol Muaj më parë
I want to cut off those freaking hairs aka horns so bad.
Truely greg
Truely greg Muaj më parë
Alex: i like this show Also alex: *puts in the title* "this show is kinda dumb.
Semper Fi
Semper Fi Muaj më parë
You are hilarious... the water reference and then we're in love. I'm laughing while I'm texting. Well done. I'm new to your channel and can't get enough. I can tell you put out quality content. I Thank you for the entertainment
sofia de la torre
sofia de la torre Muaj më parë
I’m sorry, but am I the only one who thinks they should make Anthony gay or bi??? Omg I love him so much! Btw, I’ve never read the books so I don’t know if there are any characters of varying sexualities in the story😅
Narayani Chapalgaonkar
Narayani Chapalgaonkar Muaj më parë
Man, I just finished watching with my mom. She loved it. And then I showed her your video and she is like, " your grammy is right. I really do have bad choices. She never liked your dad"
Ayeisha Animic
Ayeisha Animic Muaj më parë
Chipper ChelseaKay
Chipper ChelseaKay Muaj më parë
It was a good lockdown Netflix binge show. Cheesy, literally a gossip girl x To all the boys x pride and prejudice mash up but I enjoyed it!
Sophie Z
Sophie Z Muaj më parë
I don't know why but the part when the queen picks her favorite girl reminds me of The Bachlore. IDK why
lychee luvv
lychee luvv Muaj më parë
bruh lol
Vulnresati Muaj më parë
7:22 do the mario
cloudi Muaj më parë
all i wanna know is who kelsie is lol
Caroline Spence
Caroline Spence Muaj më parë
Ok did anyone else think Alex was married
Jennifer Ramirez
Jennifer Ramirez Muaj më parë
Fun fact: my parents have 18 kids which means I have 17 siblings.13 boys.5 girls.
Sneha Jance
Sneha Jance Muaj më parë
Yall she's an army🥰
vxvvnm Muaj më parë
i really like period pieces but im not sure abt bridgerton, like its realistic but then not?
AnitaClue Muaj më parë
It's based on a series of romance novels. Take it for what it is and you can probably enjoy it.
Pretty Savage
Pretty Savage Muaj më parë
I don't remember learning that people in 1813 such good camera and high quality.And also I don't think they where having netflix.So this is clearly 🤥 fake.Ha, thought you could trick me netflix shame on you😛
Senator Poopypants
Senator Poopypants Muaj më parë
Alex's highest compliment: That's kinda dumb.
I'm a plant
I'm a plant Muaj më parë
Period dramas in England with black royals. Talk about ridiculously forced diversity destroying any chance at immersion.
AnitaClue Muaj më parë
It's been established that Queen Charlotte had some African ancestry. And there were some black people amongst the British nobility. Were you as bothered by the fact that the final waltz wasn't a waltz, or is it just skin colors you care about?
Bianca Barreto
Bianca Barreto Muaj më parë
Yes, because everything is dumb, your highness
sharmim woohu
sharmim woohu Muaj më parë
I didn't like this series also::
KillingEve Edits
KillingEve Edits Muaj më parë
There’s gonna be a remake of gossip girl
Rayotheebhaddie Tv
Rayotheebhaddie Tv Muaj më parë
Is everything dumb?
Emilia Jonsson
Emilia Jonsson Muaj më parë
it's always about kelsey 😂
Slytherin Rules
Slytherin Rules Muaj më parë
So the show may not be the greatest thing ever but no one can disagree with how beautiful this soundtrack is.
Lit life S
Lit life S Muaj më parë
Everything is dumb for this guy i doubt he enjoys anything , he's dumb too
Lit life S
Lit life S Muaj më parë
@RED RED i haven't even watched the show and i don't want to argue either, well i am free to say what i want and free to think what i want. I respect your opinion and his opinion as well, i just have a different one that's it.
Lit life S
Lit life S Muaj më parë
@RED RED sure that's good but he takes every movie no matter what it is and says it's dumb, which is pretty dumb and he spends half of his video sponsoring. I have nothing against him making any money but he should use his brain a little bit as well
SEMS 04 Muaj më parë
The first episodes were good but I think everything went down after the protagonists (I forgot the names lol) got married
Anna Saul
Anna Saul Muaj më parë
You should do behind her eyes!!! It is Fantastic show in my opinion
marvel YouTube
marvel YouTube Muaj më parë
i actually really like bridgerton, and yk that musical thing? Yeah that needs to happen. I think it's an incredible show actually. But its funny seeing how Americans interrpurate our history.
Emily In Paris doesn't make any sense...
To All The Boys 3 is actually kinda good?
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